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Casale Montondo:  a shelter in nature

Monterotondo is at mt. 700 heights above sea level.

To reach Monterotondo you go along a white road, very steep at the beginning.

By foot, after half an hour, you walk along the last way of the pines boulevard and finally you can see the front of the Casale.

The whole path, step after step, leads you to a very intimate place, so you immediately understand  that it is a deep place for your soul.

Arriving here sounds like coming to the core of your Self: all around there’s the subtle life of the wood, with its lights, its smells, the wind and the quietness that flow deep within you and you are fully merged into the life that beats and resides in your deep core. Into the woods, you come to meet the life of nature, which silently will wrap you up.

The Casale Montondo offers  hospitality in two apartments and Yurta:


Hosts Italian and foreigners tourists, who long for being in a unique place and vacation, to get fully in touch with nature, are WELCOME


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