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Wood Activities


At the Casale Montondo you can live and enjoy unique moments in nature.

“The trees are called straight people because they are our teachers. They don’t walk like humans, but their movement is to sustain the energy that lies between Earth and Heaven. The roots of the trees sink into our Mother Earth, and their ramifications reach the light of the sun high in the sky. These teachers of the woods show humanity how to balance the masculine and feminine energies present in every human being. Through their example, we can learn to give and to receive.”

(Jamie Sams)

Naturalistic Photography


Naturalistic and Wildlife photography is a photographic genre that focuses on the beauty of wild fauna and flora immersed in their natural environment.

Wood Theraphy


The wood therapy is an art therapy based on keeping touch with wild nature, from the vegetation of open spaces, to the trees of the woods.

This therapeutic art was known and practiced by the Druids of the Celtic world, from the ancient Romans and modern native peoples in general.

“Hugging Trees to heal us from our evil”

“But the traveler is a slave to his senses; his grasp of a fact can only be complete when reinforced by sensory evidence; he can know the world, in fact, only when he sees, hears, and smells it.”

Robert Byron, The Road to Oxiana (1937)

The senses … senses are the basis of wood therapy, a therapy with ancient Celtic origins that teaches how to harness the positive energy of plants to regenerate our body, but especially our spirit.

Ancient legends related to the mystical religions and to the magic that came from the northern forests: the Celtic priests practiced this therapy which gave immediate relief to those who underwent.

Today there is no need to look for an old Celtic priest to cure us from depression and bustle of our day, the wood therapy can be done by yourself simply walking in the woods.

The Wood Tourism


The wood-tourism (meaning: “wood and tourism”) is a kind of tourism linked to the forest and to all those activities that you can practice there.

(Learning activities, sport, therapeutic, hobby activities).

The selviturismo represents the latest evolution of the nature-based tourism, since restoring the forests and safeguarding biodiversity, you can promote sustainability in natural environment.


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